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Happiness for your Mind, Body and Soul


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About us


We are Group of Doctors, Engineers and Spiritualists which handles this Wellness Center to provide solutions for your Mind, Body and Soul.

This wellness Center is funded by NGO "
OM SHANTI WORLD FOUNDATION" leaded by Director BK Dhanubhai R Luhar.


A    Our Directors                                                            Biodata

1    BK Dhanubhai R Luhar   M.Tech - Communication          

2    Mrs. N. D. Luhar                                                                                                                                                          

B    Our Doctors and Team                                                 Biodata

01  Dr. Rinki Yadav        PhD - Psycho Neurobics - Obesity     


You can email us to add your Name and service in our Team with your Biodata at               



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