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Solutions and Therapies


We provide following Solutions and Treatments for Mind, Body and Soul
A Body Disease Treatment using Multi Dimensional treatment and therapies
1 Brain Empowering
2 Heart Healing
3 Lungs Empowering
4 Kidneys Empowering
5 Liver Empowering
6 Intensities Empowering
7 Blood Pressure Curing
8 Hypertension Curing
9 Diabetes Curing
10 Thyroid Curing
11 Allergies Curing
12 Immunity Building
13 Censor Controlling
14 Weight Loss
15 Body Detoxification
16 Skin Enhancing
17 Body General Pain Curing
B Mind Problems Treatment using Multi Dimensional treatment and therapies
A Mind Problems Treatment
1 Stress Curing
2 Tension Curing
3 Fear Curing
4 Anxiety Curing
5 Panic Attack Curing
6 Depression Curing
7 Suicidal Tendency and Thoughts Curing
8 Sleep Disorders curing (Insomnia)
9 All Mental Disorders and Phobias Curing
10 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Low Energy Curing
11 Emotions Problems curing e.g Emotional Attachment
12 Thought Controlling (Over Thinking & Negative Thinking Control )
13 Mind Management
14 Memory Enhancing
15 Anger Management
16 Ego Removing
17 Will Power Enhancing
2 Mind Addiction Treatment
1 Alcoholism Addiction
2 Porn Addiction
3 Tobacco and Smoking Addiction
4 Drugs Addiction
5 Mobile Addiction
6 Internet Addiction
7 Social Media Addiction
C Soul Problems Treatment using Multi Dimensional therapies
1 Soul Empowering
2 Spiritual Depression curing
3 Liberating Soul from His Old life Karmic Accounts
D Diagnosis and Health Checkup Methods
1 Blood Test
2 Urine Test
3 Radiological Test - Sonography, X-Rays, CT-Scan, MRI
4 Body Composition Analysis - Blood Pressure and Pulse Measurement, Temp Measurement
5 GDV Camera Scan test to check Energy of Body Organs and Chakra Alignment with their values
6 Stress Level Analysis
7 VedaPulse Nadi Test to check Ayurveda Doshas of Body (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
8 Life Style Counseling by Personal Talk by Psychiatrists
9 Astrology Status of a Patient by Medical Astrology
E Service for Health Checkup
1 Consultation With Medical Experts
2 Consultation With Lifestyle Medicine Expert
3 Counseling with Psychiatrist
4 Preventive Health Checkup Services
5 Dietician
6 Detoxification
7 Yoga & Meditation
8 Psycho Neurobics Healing
9 Consultation With Astrologer for Healing
F Treatments and Therapies
1 Allopathy 
2 Ayurveda - Panch Karma, Vata-Pitta-Kapha Balancing, Marma Therapy, Lifestyle Modification
3 Homeopathy
4 Naturopathy - Dietary therapy (Diet, Food, Water, Vitamins, Supplements), Detoxification 
  Steam Bath, Mud Therapy, Massage, Enema, 
5 Yoga - Pranayam, Exercises, Mudras and Aasanas, Tabata Workout
6 Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Massage and Physiotherapy 
7 Astrological Healing, Reiki, Vastu, Fengshui, Hypnosis and Other Healing Therapies
8 Spiritual Healing - Rajyoga Meditation, Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation
9 Chakra Vigyan (Psycho Neurobics) - Chakra Healing, Water-Air-Food Charging,
  Colour-Mantra-Sound-Music Healing
10 Self Healing - Breathing and Relaxation Therapies, Visualization Healing,
  Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Self Help Methods
11 Life Style Management - Lifestyle, Diet, Sleep, Stress, Depression, Weight Loss, Exercise
12 Other Therapies - Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Magneto Therapy,
  Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF), Quantum Healing, Chi Programming etc.


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